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Gary was born in Lincoln England, he grew up on Birchwood Estate, like most kids of the 60s it was tough growing up, some tough events at an early age that have haunted him for most of his life, but the closeness of his friends on the estate forged lifelong bonds that would help shape his life. Gary came out to Australia in 64, he entered the film and TV industry in 1974 at AAV Melbourne, he rapidly rose through the ranks, eventually landing at Channel 7 in Brisbane. He went on his own in 1980 and wrote and directed the award winning documentary 'Jack The Ripper The Final Solution' based on the book by Stephen Knight of which he shot at Pinewood Studios and on the heavy streets of the East End of London. Michael Caine's company used most of Gary's research for the movie version 'Jack the Ripper'. Gary has a large following of 'Ripper fans' who continually refer to his ground breaking documentary, he recently did a live cross to a packed Ripper convention in UK. He regularly receives emails and constant messages to talk about Jack The Ripper.


Over his career as a cameraman/director & producer he has worked and became friends with a few of the greats in our industry. Including a stint as Buckingham Palace cameraman.


A meeting with David Reed in the early 80's led to him meeting up with David's brother Oliver Reed., the meeting led to many other contacts within the industry, the list is far too many to mention.


His passion in this social online age is to communicate well with people, treating them equally, how far up or down the food chain you are doesn't rate in Gary's books. He answers all calls and emails, something that a lot of people do not seem to rate as important, despite the instant social technology available.

Gary now writes as a full time screenwriter, he has written a 6 part 'Gothic Thriller' with supernatural overtones. It's a torrid ride aimed squarely at the 'Game of Thrones' audience. It ticks all the boxes for that demographic. Gary has just recently written the movie version of the series, 'Dark Fall' needless to say, it's an exciting dark ride, lustrous and extremely sexy. The characters are well crafted, plot lines that twist and turn, you can't second guess the outcome, its pure entertainment. Gary has been lauded by some very heavy hitting industry icons of television and film who represent four Emmy Awards for their own achievements.


His latest script is well sort after, Mary '3691' a tragic window into

the life of Mary O'Brien aka Dusty Springfield. It's a truly moving piece of work.


He has a natural ability to write visually, 43 years of being a cameraman has paid off handsomely, He has written two more features, plus one series for the UK with Robbie Coltrane in mind and the other set in his homeland of Tasmania. Gary is the one to watch, I have no doubt in that area.   By Alan Parker (UK)


Some comments re Gary's scripts and personality

"I love to read his scripts, they are evocative and so very visual."

"Being a former Cameraman and Director sure makes for brilliant visual writing."

"Gary is a dream to collaborate with, he does something very few do in the industry and that is 'Listen'"

"A screenwriter who actually answers emails and returns calls!"

"His descriptive narratives are lush, I could just eat those words, I can't get enough".

"His writing is dark, sexy and thick like black molasses"

"A fine International story teller!"

'His writing is reminiscent of Arthur Conan Doyle'

'A cracking read a real page turner'

'An actors writer!'